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CPR-AED-First AID Certification

CPR-AED-First Aid Certification   

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Well I can add CPR-AED- FIRST Aid Instructor to my list of medical certifications. Can't wait to teach my first class. I figured this was a sure fire way of keeping these skills current. 

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A few months past ( again ) at least with the AED it's basically "Don't panic, read and follow the instructions" . That don't panic part is key, and it's not like anyone can know how they'll react the first time, at least being trained improves the odds.

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My buddy owns a tow truck service and we started talking about all the certifications they have to have one is called TIM (Traffic Incident Management), I was impressed by everything it taught, so he signed me up and I got certified, may never use it but now when I come up to an accident I know what I'm seeing at what to expect.  

What emergency certifications do you have specific to your occupation? 


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