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I started my stop the bleed Instructor class last night hope to start teaching soon, meeting with my local CERT (community emergency response team) tomorrow night to talk about that among other things. Has anyone on survival threads taken any Stop the bleed courses? If you have what did you like, what could gave been done better.

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Old post, but maybe this will help. Did a stop the bleed class a few weeks ago


Would have liked a bit more reccomendations on gear, especially TQ's, or at least which ones to avoid. Our guy showed us CAT's and SWAT TQ's, and briefly mentioned SOF-T TQ's


A more detailed description of what should and shouldn't be in an IFAK, how to organize it, etc would have been nice


I liked how he stressed organization, one guy calls 911, one guy gives aid, one guy gets the attention of the EMS people, etc. Carrying people and recovery posistion was good info as well

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