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I decided to start a thread for any odd ball fishing gear that I have or make.  This is not for store bought gear, but for stuff that I see on Youtube, forums, or come up with on my own.  My first entry is a Hobo Reel.  Full disclosure - this is an exact copy of one that I saw on a Youtube channel (Corporal's Corner).  It's a tube for holding beads repurposed as a fishing reel.  The entire length is covered with a bicycle tube.  The handle is a #36 bank line wrap.  Inside the tube I have assorted hooks, split shot, and a bobber.  I took it out today and got a few wee pan fish at a local lake/pond.  My best cast was 20+ feet, but I got sloppy reeling it in and the later casts suffered.  But it works and it packs well so for now it's a keeper.   Got a few odd stares when I was fishing, but that's OK. I have another odd ball project in the queue and will post that here too.  Links to other ideas are welcome.HoboReel_1.thumb.jpg.f938a054f3eb1b807c759ee721d4f07b.jpg

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