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A look at the Sig P320 Xcarry 9mm

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This isn't my gun, it belongs to a fellow RSO


It was bought new from cabellas, for a bit over $600, and came with a sig red dot.


Gun was carried iwb for 3 days and developed rust bad enough that I'd consider it pitting the sights have surface rust, but those are made by ameriglo. Notably its only surface rust there. There is what looks like a spec of rust on the barrel, but it is beyond the capabilities of my camera to document


5 days of carrying, and thorough oiling, rust came back even worse, it got to the point where the mag release would stick open, and a magazine would not lock into the gun.


Sig was contacted, and wanted to see the pistol, but wanted the owner to pay for shipping both ways, and pay for replacement parts, which totaled out to over $200, on a gun where they confirmed that this shouldn't happen


They also said that the slide lock, takedown lever, and mag release button are made of 3 different materials, but that sounds like complete nonsense to me, as most of the guns internals are MIM.


On the positve side, the gun hasn't had any other issues in 600 or so rounds, and is accurate.


Sig has some cool designs, but I don't think they can be trusted to deliver on them properly







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