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Just seems right to put this here. Had to fly into a job a few years ago, and had checked luggage on return so got stuck with this, ummm ..... thing. Bought at the electrical supply house for a 2 hour job, not even sure I'd need it.

There is nothing like a good tool, and this is nothing like one, even though they charged as if it were real. Notice how a whole country is taking credit for it. ( brand is "Stainless Pakistan" )  The blades don't actually close, or hold an edge cutting anything harder then medium cheddar. The marks on the end of the screw driver / scrapper blade are from the pliers I used to reverse the spiral after trying to loosen a screw. Also notice how the hinge end has spread apart. Was too dull to cut insulation as received and cutting copper ( as in wire ) dulls it again. On the plus side, it will sink very nicely so helpful spacing the lure off the bottom when ice fishing. Can be used to measure vertical drops, time from when it hits to when you hear it *343 meters/sec. or time you release till it hits d=(g*t^2)/2 ( might remember that from ballistics )  Makes a good weight casting light line across a gap. Shiny enough to be a signal mirror if only the sides were parallel. Also useful as a light tent peg, just tie off to the loop and drive all of it underground.




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A silly pic of last year's "holiday decoration".. Based on the office holiday decoration of a co-worker years ago. 

She had one of these on her desk. When we finally asked what the heck it was (and we all did..), she would make "music conducting" hand gestures and say "You know the old Carol -  ' .. and a cartridge in a bare tree....'  ".  :)


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