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Handy toys.


5.5 to 30 volts in, anything from .5 to 30 volts out. Voltage and current regulated, displays incoming and output voltage and current. Good for up to 4 amps, so a 6 volt -> 24 volt solar panel can be regulated to safe Li-Ion charging, or a 12 to 24 volt source can power a 19.5 volt laptop computer. Also makes a nice test supply for bread boarding circuits. I'm thinking of pulling the trim pot adjustments and replacing with full size, but other then needing a screw driver to adjust it works fine as is. 

Update on $3 flashlights, have replaced a LED in one after burn out, otherwise several have been given hard use and survived. I do try to keep the duty cycle low as they get hot, but have them all over the place as immediate lights. With the recessed power switch they are less prone to being accidentally turned on and discharging then some much more expensive lights. 

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