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Hey, I think I may have some of those tubes around. I will check that out later.

Time to find a set of spares for my Drake R-4C, TX-4C..40 clams apiece or so..

Holding on to my old Hickok 600 just in case as well!!

Good tip on the Caps..

If I could find a nice old tube amp I might be compelled to trade in my Brystons..




Pretty sure I have spares in the barn too, as long as I get them out before the collapse finishes :P Know anyone who could use a 4CX1000K ? I've got a couple, one pulled from service in 1977, good. Transmitter was getting an upgrade to a better driver. Other has 12 hours ( was acceptance tested and stored ). I think Collins linears used them. Full legal output.

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Here is a Poem..not really Music..but..


A Poem from Adam to Eve


Inside of me is You are there, and when i see,

a tear is moved inside of Me to cleanse my heart.

It magnifies my place in All, That without You..

God throw me to the Winds of Stars, in torment of birth and journey far,

that I'd never a chance to look inside, to see my greatest Fear has left,

From Me..   to God,   with You.


Edited by Dan Seven

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