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David S

Lansky Sharpeners Diamond/Ceramic 4-Rod Turn Box

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Bought one of the Lansky knife sharpeners from Heinnie Haynes the other day.

First thoughts, very very easy to use. Felt a lot more comfortable using this than the Worksharp knife sharpener that I currently possess. 

It's small and light. Easy to pack into your bag if your going out camping etc.

I do like this very much.



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Dear Dave,

I have a singular Lansky knife sharpener and like you say it fits in your bag if you going camping or hiking.

It works on needles, fishhooks, serrated bread knives, straight or recurved blades.  Awesome for that touch up when needed.

It has given me years of good service, I trust yours will give you the same.

Kind regards,
Rowan H. Robbertze


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Looks great!
Not long ago I purchased the Spyderco Sharpmaker. It's played for great reviews, comes in it's own case. And it is a fantastic sharpening system after using it for a while. When I bought it I was thinking that it would be ideal for throwing in my pack. But I am now second thinking that. The size and weight are much greater than I anticipated when I bought it. ( should have done a little more research ). Now I don't regret for one moment my purchase. Quite frankly, I love the Sharpmaker. But the Lansky you bought there looks a little more like it has the size and weight that would be more desirable for carry in the field.

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