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Sterilizing Medical Instruments in not so good conditions.

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As some of you may have noticed my post sometimes take a medical stance and so here comes another one. One of my favorite sites has posted a great article on the topic of Sterilizing Instruments  It's a great read and has lots of information as Dr. Joe Alton tells it like it is. While I have electricity and a gas stove my pressure cooker is as good as it gets if I'm lucky and I get to bug in during a SHTF situation. However, I doubt that will be the case and even then I'm sure at some point my gas stove will stop working. I have lots of Iodine, alcohol, and other ways to clean instruments and plenty of Antibiotics when the inevitable infections start. It's time to learn the techniques now before you're in a situation and you need to stitch someone up and you do more harm than good by sewing in the bacteria with that closed wound.

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