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GROUPON has a deal on the Szabohawk! Less than 200 bucks!



The Spyderco Szabohawk Hand Axe is a highly evolved hand axe featuring an arcing full-tang, smooth G-10 scales, and a chisel-ground D2 tool steel blade that's coated in a durable titanium carbonitride. Includes a molded Boltaron sheath for easy carry, easy wear.

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I must be a dinosaur..I am looking at this "highly evolved" hatchet wondering if it would pound a peg, drive a spike, properly split wood, what angle to use to limb a branch, plane wood flat or just exactly how to cut off the head from a chicken.

honestly, i think i would need it around the campsite for a long weekend just to figure out if "I" was useless..

Perhaps if i did conclude that "I' was useless, it would be handy to have at my belt to hurl in frustrated fury at the first thing that pissed me off..now that i know it's good for..    xD



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A way to prevent that razor sharp knife you are using from punching holes in yourself. $6.12 / pair for the next 3 days.


About $25 on sale a couple more days ( has 2 alternate lids which looks kind of nice ).




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Fake overly concerned accent /  "Here's the scenario. You've taken over all crazy, moved to Saskatchewan, and figured out that you are cold. You could watch you fingers turn black and fall off, but you are addicted to gadgets. So. " / accent

If you hunt around a bit these do go as low as $9 CDN with free shipping. They actually stay hot for 6 hours. Little catalytic heater that runs on lighter fluid / naptha or probably unleaded gas in a pinch. The cloth sack is included and moderates the heat.

Pull a bit of the cotton packing up to touch the catalyst after you fill the tank ( packed with cotton like any old wick lighter ).





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I just got a Kershaw Camp Pack on Clearance at Walmart.  Came with a small, very cheap folder, the K widget tool, and the spoon/fork combo.  Couldn't resist for $7.00.

 I'd post a pic but for some reason photos from iPad or iPhone don't work.  

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2 hours ago, zackmars said:

Vertx EDC gamut for 60$ when you use the code "APP40"


Its optics planet, but this is an absolute steal, since the bag is often over 150$



Looks like they caught it and kicked up the price.


I'm guessing I'll get a cancelation email in a few hours.

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Ok, kind of a reverse post.


This has to count as the single worst coffee making device I have seen, but at $16 the insulated mug and lid is ok.

In the surplus area at Princess Auto , and I can guess why.

It's actually well made but the patented system has major issues. The filter disk is in the way loading coffee into it, also in the way filling with hot water, then you need to pull the disk down with the blue knob, invert the insulated mug and screw it on. As the cartridge is sealed all it will do if inserted into a filled mug is overflow water and not make coffee. Can then set it upright ( knob is already too far out for upside down ) wait 4 or 5 mins, pull the knob fully up, unscrew the cartridge and screw in the lid. It's about 1/2 full unless you top it up with more water. Cleaning the grinds out is a major production too, involving lots of water and flushed grinds.

So over all, avoid, avoid, avoid. 

The actual coffee it makes is ok .

For comparison, this is $3.25 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5-5-x-6-5cm-2017-Stainless-Steel-Vietnamese-Drip-Coffee-Filter-Maker-Pot-Infuser-For/32812293255.html

makes every bit as good coffee , easy clean up and about as fast. For $7 add the 300 ml version of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Fashion-1pcs-New-220ml-300ml-400ml-Stainless-Steel-Portable-Mug-Cup-Double-Wall-Travel-Tumbler/32782663340.html

and your $6 to the good and have a much better piece of camping gear.

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