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All the following items should be able to be stored in a kit in a waterproof sealable bag and then placed in a pouch that can be worn on the belt like a fanny pack or camera case. Consider that a backpack could be lost in an overturned boat, etc.  Do not store your survival kit in a backpack to get lost when backpack is lost.


·         Water purification tablets

·         Large plastic bag. USES: Transpiration bag. Rain gear. Gathering water and edibles.

·         Matchless fire making device. Metal match or magnesium fire starter. Disposable lighter.

·         A small length of parachute cord. USES: Binding together things like a shelter. Make a sling for hunting. Pull apart for smaller strings for cordage for traps and snares.

·         A couple of zip lock sandwich bags. USES: Gathering water and edibles. Keeping tinder dry.

·         Fishing hook, line and sinker.

·         Razor blade. USES: Cutting tool.

·         Survival blanket. USES:  Wrap up for warmth. Reflecting heat from a fire or even a small heat source in a shelter. Signalling.

·         Candle. USES: Handy for keeping a fire going in damp conditions. Light. Warmth, one candle will bring up temperature 20 degrees in a shelter.

·         Duct tape. USES: Innumerable. Bindings. Making items. Patching a shelter.

·         Aluminum foil. USES: Fashioning a container to boil water in. Signalling.

·         Metal wire. USES: Wire snare. Binding.

·         String. USES: Innumerable. Binding. Snares. Make a weapon like a sling or an arrow thrower.



·         Rubber band. For making an arrow launcher or slingshot.

·         Emergency tinder bundle. This can be sealed up separately and can consist of shredded cedar bark or some cotton balls. If you wish, a clever fire starter is to saturate the cotton balls with petroleum jelly and put them in a container that it is easy to dispense them from. An empty lipstick case works well or a prescription medicine bottle.

·         Bouillon cubes. USES: For flavouring insect stew or as a soup by itself.

·         Small pocket knife

·         Energy Protein bar

·         Compass

·         Whistle

·         Signal mirror

·         A small flashlight

·         Arrow points.

·         Gig

·         Water filter.

·         Multi-purpose tool.

·         Small First Aid kit.

·         Magnifying glass

·         Fishing Lure



Have a kit in your car in case you break down, run out of gas, no heater, etc. Have enough supplies for two or more travelers depending on regular riders in your car.


·         Basic tool kit.

·         Duct tape.

·         Road flares.

·         Emergency markers.

·         Warm hands type palm and foot heaters.

·         Blankets.

·         Tent.

·         Firemaking device. Matches and a matchless firemaking device like a magnesium fire starter.


·         Tinder. Wax log.

·         3 planned meals per person. Non-perishable, ready to eat.

·         Flashlight. Batteries stored separately till ready to use.

·         Radio. Battery powered.

·         Water.

·         Items that plug into cigarette lighter are a plus if car battery is strong. Don’t overuse.

·         Spare tire and jack that works.

·         Books to read.



This is a list for one person for 72 hours. Make a kit for each person in your house and possibly and extra kit as well as multiple kits for each 72 hour preparation. If there are infants special items like formula, diapers, etc. should be stored. If there are pets pet food should be stored.



·         A gas, twig or sterno stove for cooking. If you have a wood burning fireplace is good. Also a gas stove is good. You can light by hand even when power is out.

·         Metal pans for cooking.

·         Dishwashing liquid.

·         Scrub pads.

·         Firestarting device. Should include matches and a matchless firemaking device like a magnesium fire starter..

·         Tinder for firemaking. Waxed log. Cotton balls and petroleum jelly.

·         Home defense plan. Firearms.

·         Extra batteries.

·         Radio. Regular radio and weather radio is recommended.

·         Kerosene heater. For heating and you can cook on top of them.

·         Emergency lighting. Candles. Kerosene lanterns.



·         3 gallons of water. 6 drops of unscented Clorox per gallon will make it last longer or sealed gallon drinking water jugs. Should renew with fresh water from time to time.

·         9 planned meals consisting of canned goods and dried goods. A written plan in the kit is helpful. Also extra ready to eat type foods that do not require preparation like canned meats, crackers, gazpacho soups, dried vegetables.

·         Personal eating plate, cup, bowl and utensils.

·         Blanket.

·         Two changes of clothes.

·         Work gloves.

·         Non-electrical Lighting system Like a Candle lantern.

·         Waterless cleaning solution for washing body with.

·         Towel and washcloth.

·         Space blanket.

·         Fire starting device. Should include matches and a matchless firemaking device like a metal match.

·         Tinder for firemaking. Wax log. Cotton balls and petroleum jelly.

·         Flashlight. Batteries stored out of device till ready to use.

·         Pocket knife.




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Very basic. A survival kit should be built with user's skill level in mind. Add more or less as needed to your kits. Always have a few items on you in your billfold, phone case, etc. Firesteel, fishing rig, etc.

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Good Post...

One of the good scorpion survival mini Trauma kit is designed to go anywhere while being prepared for everything. Everything in the kit designed to stop bleeding. Bleeding is the #1 cause of death in traumatic injuries. Everything is authentic and no china knock offs. Every Day Carry Active Shooter First Aid Kit, its perfect for the gun bag.

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