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Composting toilet

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Hi, we have had a Natures Head Composting toilet on the Sailboat for 3 years now and it is great.

It was not cheap. $nz 1500 but worth it. No smell. (tiny 12volt computer fan for fume extraction) Air in / air out. NO tubes or pipes running through boat to holding tank. COMPLTELY self contained.

Just empty when required. I have a large stainless steel kitchen spoon permanently in poo cassette, and just dig out compost, double bag it and dispose of it where appropriate. Trash bin or under a tree. It can be "started" with peat or dry leaf matter, coconut husks etc. We just use peat  from garden store. 5 kilo bag lasts 1-2 years.

Relies on aerobic activity to break down and sterilise poo. The pee is separated automatically (anatomically actually) to make a dry product, otherwise it will not work.

Would be great in a caravan/R.V./apartment/cabin/retreat etc. or simply when sewage link up not viable.

Nothing new. Old concept.

www.natureshead.com and www.airhead.com

I have no connection with either Company other than using both.

Very good option for a grid down scenario or SHTF.

Normal toilet paper used. Tampons/pads get disposed of separately as per normal on a boat. Tampons in a tube/holding tank are NOT a good idea.

It may well be a feasible option for those of you,  who consider being off the grid and don't want to go through the hassle of Environmental Applications (+ big $)

Any questions feel free to ask.



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No smell, that's actually pretty impressive.

Sounds like an excellent option!

I'm wondering - how many people use it in your household and how often do you need to empty it approximately?

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Hi Elise, unfortunately it does vary, as I use shore facilities when available.

1x person gets approx. 6 weeks full time use before emptying the cassette. 10 min job.

The warmer the weather the better they work, due to evaporation of course.

You SOMETIMES get a bit of smell straight after being used, but an hour and its gone.

The secret is to make sure no chemicals get inside as they will kill the good bugs which break down the solids.

It doesn't need to be seeded after empting as the casette is never completely emptied, and even when my Darling forgets to empty the pee container, and I have to clean it out, the peat moss activates it again.

The pee container needs to be emptied every 2nd day per person. 

People (no pun intended) generate a surprising amount on a daily basis.

Really do think they are a great idea for a stand alone option.

I'm sure a handy man or woman could make one easy enough. Probably for $100...?

Bit of fibre glass and ducting hose.

Small computer fans you can get for free and they use VERY little power.

Cheap and cheerful..

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Poo, need to clarify here.

It needs to be externally vented.  After reading again, I realised that this wasn't clear.

Sorry about that.

Methane gas is also generated which is another reason for venting outside. (No smoking while sitting down):o

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I think I expected it needed to be extremely vented while reading, but thanks for the clarification.

And honestly, needing to be cleaned out every 6 weeks for 1 person using it is really very good, way I see it. I expected it to take a lot less time to fill up (and definitely a lot more time to empty, too. 10 minute job - sounds awesome). Really need to give this a shot ourselves as it sounds pretty ideal.

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