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I bought a solar generator from Be Prepared Solar about 4 months ago. It's the 5-200PSW model that has the pure sine wave inverter. When it was delivered we just had to put the two batteries inside the case and then connect a few cables together, which took about 15 minutes. The cables from the solar panels to the controller are about 32ft, which were a little short for our needs. We ordered a separate 25 foot extension from the website and that did the trick. We also got a couple of the solar panel stands as well...very convenient!

We have used the system three times since we ordered it. The first time the power went out we used the system for about 11 hours. We used it for the fridge, lights, and we watched a movie on our laptop. The second time the power went out was only for three hours but it was nice to keep the TV and cable box going. After the second outage we decided and add two more batteries and a few more panels. This was an excellent upgrade...because the next time we lost power it was for 3 days! Our solar generator kept our fridge running, plus we were able to use our microwave for 20 minutes a day, run a few LED lights in our lamps, watch a few hours of TV and use our laptop and internet.


The link above it to the system we purchased in case anyone is interested.




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Hi Annie (or is it Tammy Bates?) Why would you buy something from a company you (own?) are affiliated with? I have issued a formal warning & will happily launch the ban hammer should you be remiss in disclosing your companies vested interest in the future. 

We have a forum thread for self promotion that can be found here.

On 3/18/2016 at 11:42 AM, Dan Seven said:

Good Show Annie:   and Welcome !

That looks like a really cool system..


It does look decent, its such a shame that people have to resort to spam to promote their products. :( 

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