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Puma White Hunter

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Well, it certainly isn't new. Approx 40 years old now and still going strong.

Uncle had one which I was allowed to use occasionally. Always enjoyed it as it was so versatile. Thought I was King of the Jungle with White Hunter in hand !

Couldn't afford one as a young fellow, so managed to pick one up pre-loved a few years back.

I have a considerable collection of folders and fixed blades now. Some are working knives, some just for the beauty of their form.

Just seem to come back to the White Hunter as it punches well above it's size.

16 cm blade with weight WELL forward. Bolo style tip with lots of belly. Really enables it to be a great chopper for a 6 inch blade. False edge on spine can be used to cut/bash branches and strip them. The notches/serrations at rear of edge, are designed for bone notching and spine is used to break bones without using edge. Smart. Flat  of blade near tip can be used for bashing in tent pegs etc.

Handle is approx. 12 cms. Full tang. Seemed at first too long for my smallish hands, BUT it allows hand to move up/down handle for slashing or forward for finesse. Just seems to change character and make it a knife that can multi task quickly and easily.

Sheath is well designed and very functional. Small package when carrying around off belt.

If you are looking at buying another knife for your quiver, consider the old classic design of this great knife.

It's still around for a reason... 


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