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Dan Seven

Awesomest Water Bottle

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I have to give this thing a plug. Been using using it for months everyday.

Inside is smooth and straight and easy to clean. Top doubles as a funnel.

It looks like a water bottle, so it does not get a second glance from most people.

Remove the top..dump in ice..gin...tonic..no, that would not be fair.

Folks at the soccer game would think You were carefully hydrating.

It is tough as nails and holds 18 oz  over .5 litre. Will not break...

I have the green and it is a light grassy color and as i mentioned, so much like a

disposable bottle that it is overlooked and more likely that it will stay around.

I like it because with the top off i can fill it in any sink or water fountain.




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@dan... That is a great looking bottle for a good price.  Like the dome lid for clean ability.  Be a good water bottle for my youngest at baseball this summer. May have to order a couple of these.  Thanks for posting this!

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Very cool, what makes it so tough though? Is the plastic of significantly higher quality? I really like the ease of cleaning potential and the price is definitely right!

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@Thomas  Used a 750 ml-25 oz Nalgene Bottle and bounced it around the world for 20 years

The Aladdin bottle is 532ml and 18 oz. 

Remember the BPA plastic scare in 2008 or so ?  Well, Canada was the first Country to ban the chemical in plastics that had BPA in it and Nalgene was using a polycarbonate with BPA in it. They offered a recall. Mine is one of those old NGEN 'poison canisters'. They said it could spark hormonal changes that would make me more like a woman. I thought it would make my ex wife happier as it seemed she always thought i was too much like a man anyways. i was wrong. Even a sex change operation would not have fixed what she had.

The new Aladdin bottle uses a BPA free plastic, which uses even harder types of plastic like the Tritan copolymers. Really solid and bulletproof. You can stand on it.

The bottles are almost same height with the Nalgene bottle a bit wider. Here is the kicker.

Nalgene Weight 175 g       Aladdin Weight   276g

The Aladdin is much heavier for the volume, harder, thicker and that speaks durable.

The new Nalgene bottles are about a buck cheaper, and prefer the NGEN than the narrow mouth It is easier to clean and has a big hole in the lid to tie it to something but itself.

Nalgene is making a stainless bottle to and i have not tried or compared it yet.


The Aladdin shape and color screams disposable water bottle, though it is anything but.


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Hi, in reply to Dan's comments, yep, those Nalgene bottles are great.

I now use a Tanka Stainless Steel bottle. Reason being that with a s/s loop permanently attached around neck of bottle, it can be used to heat water over a fire etc.

As I don't normally carry a Pot around, the bottle serves two purposes.

Less is more..

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3 hours ago, Dan Seven said:

Well..i must say that I have settled happily into a 2 water bottle system.  Water is important.

The Alladin 18 oz 532ml is my grab and go bottle. Being able to unscrew the spout and top 'funnel' quarter of the bottle allows me to fill it in the bathroom sink at work or mostly full in the water fountains in the hallway.

Super easy to clean.

Around the house when i want to make a statement proclaiming my laziness, i use it as a cup too. Plop in Ice.

It fits in a cup holder in the truck..it will bounce twice before rolling on a tile floor. Makes an emergency funnel.

Fits in a frame clip made for a cycling bottle for your bike. Fits in rucksack pocket.

Looks like a disposable water bottle on steroids.

It is built with new millennium Stealth technology in China, just like Trump's clothing line. (I didn't say it was perfect.)

See for Yourself.     Ask yourself the Question..  "Is that Gin and Tonic? "

 (Hint)  "NO ! That's daddy's sippy cup !"


Ok..  Now notice the same bottle has stealth morphed from 'leisure mode' to 'travel mode' with the simple squeezing down of the garnishes and the addition of the funnel-lid cap with leak-proof O-ring Seal.     

Big Difference, huh?


Ok..You are also now seeing the Food-Grade Stainless 40oz bottle that I keep around in the vehicle, and for longer excursions like taking an afternoon, or a 20 mile 32 km bike ride out to the lake house from the City.

The Klean Kanteen, and You may notice this one is quite worn, is actually a great bottle. It comes with several lids, the 'drinking spout' you are looking at has been obsolete because a better one has been designed and it comes with your choice of several lids and spouts depending on your personality and tolerance for foreign made items touching your skin.

 Trump, whether his clothes or his wife wouldn't have it any other way.

So go for it, there is the Precedent.

I would recommend the Klean Kanteen and it comes with better spouts now including all Stainless, and in case You are wondering, the mouth is wide enough for ice cubes to go in and too tall for a bathroom sink or water fountain to fill up.

I got mine a little bigger because for a one bottle grab it carries some volume plus.... a 40 is a 40.


It fits on my MSR Stove and boils in 7 minutes full burn. Not the most efficient shape, but a teabag fits in fine and it can be used to make coffee if need be. It is dishwasher safe and fairly easy to clean. You do own a bottle brush, yes? I don't. I just use a scotch brite pad cut in half and a chopstick. Works like a charm, especially interspersed with a shot of bleach.

 I do not own one of those expensive Cup/Pot/Canteens that double as a billy and cooking pot and all that. I have a pot system separate from the canteen that works extremely well for me. My next similar purchase would not be a cup/pot/canteen but rather the 40 oz wide mouthed version as mouth fits the new crop of hiking water filters and easy enough cleaning that i would throw rice or ramen or macaroni into it.

Anyways, that is how i roll in the Winter..plastic bottle in my work bag and stainless in the vehicle because i travel.

In the Summertime i keep plastic US nylon military canteens in the vehicle and have a couple, and they are terrific.

As some know..i live at the edge of the Lake and there is nothing like handing a buddy a cold canteen full of water when headed out on the lake or down to the beach. If it get's lost..well no big deal. Incidentally, a plastic green US military canteen with insulated cover (not collectible types) should cost no more than a half a pack of cigarettes in North America.

Well, the day after "Mardi Gras" and "Carnival" if You are in Rio, seems like appropriate day to talk about re-hydration requirements so we'll leave it at that...


ps..  If you have the bright idea of turning your stainless bottle into a bug out kit, well you might want to watch this video. Be advised this is the wide-mouthed 40oz bottle.



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