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Jetboil Joule Cooking System Reviewed

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I think this is a very effective system and works well. I still have a philosophical problem leaving dead canisters behind and also running out of fuel in quasi civilization and not simply having an option to either make my own, or beg, borrow or trade for some.

Noticed i left out the word steal. Also not an option with the proprietary canisters.

Call me old school. Nothing personal. I can handle being stuck with a dead portable water filtration system after 50000 litres, a dead rifle after a few hundred rounds, but not a dead stove after my few canisters are done.

Anyhow, a great system for a 72 hour bag, weekend warriors, or a vehicle, but i don't think for a long haul.

The price of convenience is just more than i want to pay. Also my own issue..

I can easily snap the plastic pump charger on my MSR and be just as screwed.

the dinosaur has spoken..


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I think @Dan Seven raises some good points, I have never felt super comfortable with butane canisters. I know they are pretty ubiquitous in the outdoor world but I have always leaned towards more flexible solutions (wood burning portable stoves).

With that said, from a UK/Canadian perspective, I have never worried about running out of organic fuel. Not sure how people from more sparse areas feel about it.

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@Thomas  In the early years the brother in law had an Optimus 7 stove, and the Svea was all the rage (whom Optimus later bought). Anyways he was with the Alpine Club and we used to head out to the Clubhouse once in a while in Canmore Alta., and it was de rigeur to have one of these items. I did some climbing, however i liked skiing more and he liked waterfalls.


Now there are many to choose from, however these old items are getting to be collectors items. A good one like an Optimus 8R Hunter or a brass SVEA 123 and it will blow your socks off how well they work. They eat only 4oz fuel for a 1 hr. burn.

If Y'all find one used..snap it up..as nice ones can go for hundreds now..

Here is some fun..   




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