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bolt '06, 12 ga pump, 1022, AK,

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 that's a total of  $1500 or so,  When you 3-4 folding stocks, 2-3 scopes, 2-3 trigger jobs, 3 silencers, 4 sets of luminous sights, that's $3500 MORE.  Or you can cover the necessary bases with ONE $600 AR, a $200 .22lr conversion unit and one of each of the modifications/accessories, for a $2000 total, and have one longarm that's concealble in your pack, that's varmint-accurate, capable of sniping effectively to 1/4 mile, uses the USGI rd and the .22lr, that can be had with a chromed chamber and dark, rustproof finish, that can be bought as a stripped or 80% finished lower receiver, adding the pcs as you can afford to do so. you can CARRY this assembly, but you can't carry more than one longarm. You can't shoot a gun that  you aint got with you. You aint got a crystal ball to tell you, once shtf, when it will be ok to NOT have  your fighting rifle.  An iron sighted .30 AK is a 200m gun, half the reach of the scoped shorty AR, and the Ciener .22lr conversion unit for the AK is a pita to use. If shtf, there will be no safe place to leave your other guns, either. The Shorty AR is very capable of winning realistic combat matches (if YOU are so capable) and they are available all year long, as are varmints. Small game is just 4 months of the year at most, big game maybe a month of the year.

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