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u should have combat rifle, pistol, that nobody knows about.

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you can sell the jigs on ebay after you're done with them. rent them out to a friend or two, and you'll have lost no money on the deal. sometimes they and the 80% finished frames can be had on ebay or gun forums, too.  This means of making your own gun is legal, as long as you are not a "prohibited person" under the law (from having firearms). it's still legal in the US to use another name, as long as no crime is committed thereby. If you'll pay the extra $20 to have something shipped "next day delivery" UPS, you can be standing in front of any biz or house, and sign whatever name on the delivery driver's little electronic pad. same for the rest of the parts kits. Look for them on ebay and forums first, before paying retail at Sarco int'l or Model One Sales.

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