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pocket 9mm's aint all that durable

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if you want to shoot 5k rds per year needed to stay sharp, best half half of it be thru an airsoft, or .22 conversion unit or .22 look/handle alike gun, Put half of the centerfires thru a belt 9mm, and the 9's you fire thru the pocket gun better be wussy loaded, as in 125 gr lrn's at 800 fps. That way, you wont have to buy another pocket 9mm every year, just every decade. it's just not true that you have to beat up your gun and spend a fortune, by practicing with expensive jhp ammo. After the initial testfiring with100 or so rds (if flawless functionality) you can do your practicing with cast bullet handloads, which can be 7c each, not 35c each. airsoft "shots" run 1/2c each,. 22's about 10c each. quite a few of us shoot 4x that much, by means of using these alternatives. So we are considearbly more skilled, but spend no more money than you

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