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friend thought Enfield is "almost as fast" as an auto

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so I set up 2 IPSC silohuettes at 25 yds. waited for him to fire at the first, before I started firing. I got 6 chest hits by the time he fired his second shot (which missed) I had a suppressor making my 223 AR sound like a normal .22lr . He was callilng to every enemy within 2 miles. I could barely be heard at 1/2 mile. He needed earmuffs, I did not.  The Military arsenals have billions of rds of 223 and they will be breeched if shtf. They aint got ONE rd of 303 enfield. A gun for which you have no ammo is just a club. The shorty AR can be concealed in a pack, and the .22lr conversion lets you fire any of the 4 billion rds of .22lr made or imported into the US every year. A sound suppressed .22lr autorifle, with 30 rd box mag, is no joke in a fight, especially in thick cover or at night.

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