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suppressed 223 full charge ammo sounds like a .22lr rifle

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the subsonic 22lr, without a "can" being mounted, sounds about like supersonic .22lr's thru a good silencer. Subsonic 22's, however, thru a good can, sound like a BB gun, if you know to hold shut the bolt of an auto with your non-firing thumb. The 60 gr Aquila subsonic, put up in 22 SHORT cases, works fine in autos, is expensive and hard to find. Some autos don't stabilize it well, but the 1 in 9" twist in an AR 15 does so fine (and does same for regular .22lr ammo, too. :-)



this subsonic load has the same 120 ft lbs at the muzzle of a rifle that normal .22lr has, despite being 950 fps instead of 1250 fps. Speed of sound is roughly 1050 fps.

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