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carry Norton "earvalve" plugs when ccwing

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put them in a "squeeze open" plastic case, in your front pants pocket, lanyarded to your belt. You can have the plugs in your ears just as "fast" as anyone can speedload a revolver (from concealment). sometimes you can see trouble coming in time to protect your ears. doing so will double your effective range (from 10 ft to 20 ft) The fact is that most shots in handgun combat completely miss the target at 5 yds and most miss the vitals at 10 ft. Much of this is due to noise/flash at night, movement, panic, etc. Remove the noise and flash and you'll do better. the Earvalves let you hear normal sounds. If you can make it to cover, get those plugs into your ears. You dont have to render your gun useless as you do so, but you DO have to render a revolver useless in order to reload it. think about that.

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