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modified SOL escape bivvy

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If I had it to do over again, I'd save $30 and just get reflectorized Tyvek at home depot, cause i'm pretty sure that's all the SOL bivvy is made of.  It DOES "breathe" a lot better than a normal heavy duty mylar space blanket/bag. It's very lw, at 1/2 lb. I had to make it a mummy shape, due to wasted airspace around my lower legs. I then added the leg-cutout triangle to the shoulders, so that I could get down into it all the way. I added Velcro seams a velcroed on hood of the same material, with a drawstring. I made the bag itself a foot longer and put a drawstring at the neck. Now it weighs 3/4 lb, but it will keep me much warmer than the box-stock version was able to do.

 Now if I wear clothes that let me sit around comfortably at freezing temp, I can also sleep ok at that temp, given this bag (and a timed-release Ambien) :-) I have added another such bag to the kit, minus the hood, with a drawstring at the shoulders. If I stuff the area between the bags with debris, I'm good down to about 20F, for sleeping, if I also get a hot drink and a hot meal before I get into the hammock. If I need to go down to 10+F degrees, I use the pair of 3 ft wide reflectorized bags (that normally are used to make a tent/tarp). I wrap them around the SOL bivvies, and stuff more debris between them. The Army says that at about that temp, hostilities virtually cease. Everyone is focusing on not freezing to death. So it's then a lot safer to have a fire, at least, at night, when it's normally 20F degrees colder than daytime, anyway. This is if you know to have the fire in a Dakota pit, heating rocks that you'll use to keep you warm. 

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