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What does it sound like to be shot at by a suppressed weapon?

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I've been down range of people who decided to fire at their targets at a cold range.


Sounded like the video, just louder, and scarier!

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Interesting video. He clearly states that "standard velocity" Blazer ammo was used.

Note well.. this is NOT Subsonic ammo. Big difference. Standard ammo or High velocity ammo travels faster than sound. This gives the Supersonic "crack" you hear in video.

Subsonic (.22 cal.) will give a psst noise as it goes past your ear, rather than the normal "thwack" you will hear as High Velocity (normal) rounds give of as they go PAST your ears.

N.B. you WON"T hear them coming either way. at least not quick enough to say "oh shit"

"Sound Suppressors" are quite commonly used here from .22 cal. through to 30 06 cal.

Essentially they moderate the sound and disperse it so Game have difficulty in knowing where the sound came from. This enables a follow up shot if you miss with first one or take down more Deer or Pigs in mob. Also much more user friendly to your mate, if beside you when taking a shot.

The blast cone is substantially reduced. On a side note, we had some grunts beside Leopard Battle Tank who didn't listen to our instructions. They were told VERY clearly NOT to go to ground further forward than the Turret. Some did. They got rolled and ear drums burst. The blast zone from Main Gun actually comes back at 45 degrees from Muzzle. Pretty sure they didn't do it again. I coped abuse from their Section Commander on I.C. phone on stern of Vehicle. I did tell them.. 

In a semi auto, the action is noisier than the ammo. (sub sonic) In a Bolt action, Very quiet indeed. About same as air rifle or less.

Fully suppressed Ruger .22 s are quite popular. HOWEVER, some subsonic ammo does not have enough gas induced recoil to cycle action. this can induce a "stove pipe" blockage. Hint, try different brands of ammo. The brass falling onto ground will often make more noise.

Those "silenced" revolvers you see in movies are just not efficient. Because of the small gap between cylinder and breech, gas and noise will escape. Waste of time and money.

We used to stick a potato on muzzle of .22 as kids (rifle, not kids) when shooting in area we shouldn't have been. Only works when using telescopic sights of course and only good for one shot.

P.S. even arrows make quite a noise as they go past. Not as silent as you would expect.

So Keene, what did it feel like when you got hit?

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Zackmar, I feel for you..

It's bad enough when people are shooting past you without malice.

a LOT worse with intent. The buggers won't stop when you ask them to.

My Section Commander got shot in the arm with a ricochet from M16  while standing beside me on Butt detail. (when you are below target indicating Fall of Shot with indicator on stick, not Gay Day)

One of the funniest things I saw on Range was when we had 3x F.N. General Purpose Machine Guns (7.62 mm) set up at 100 metre mark.

A Rabbit came out from left of targets and ran across below targets. All 3x guns immediately opened up (without fire control order, naughty) and let rip. The poor bloody thing turned back and went back and forth 4x times! it was scared nearly to death.

Not one round hit it even though it got tossed up into air. Amazing.. Probably close to 500 rounds went down range. (650 rpm each gun)

Certainly was a good lesson for us on just how survivable it is when running like a scared rabbit.

The reaming we got from Platoon Commander was worth it. Something that I'm sure none of us present will EVER forget.9_9

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never been shot-at. Very few ever get shot-at by suppressed guns and those who do rarely survive it.  Those using them are normally very determined/aware, and they make their shots count.

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use 60 gr subsonic Aquila .22 ammo and the action will cycle just fine, 950 fps from a rifle barrel, quite a bit less from pistol barrels. If you use your non firing thumb to hold shut the bolt of an auto, it's just as quiet as a bolt action, and if you need rapidfire  you'll have it (albeit with a bit more noise), while the bolt action can't offer rapidfire.

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HI Guys ,

Here in NZ , we use a lot of silencers/suppressors , mostly in 22LR , as this low power , low speed rd suits using a can , as far as sound just as noted , 2 parts ( if speed is above sound barrier ) , 1 ) The muzzle blast / gasses ( this can be controlled ) , 2 ) The bullet breaking the sound barrier ( that the crack , you hear echoing down the valley  ) .

The only guns that are as quite as Hollywood , are the 22LRs and some of the 9mm , this is a function of speed/power/size , due to exit dia on the cans .

The down side is extra weight , lenght , also excess heat ( this can stop you being able to see the tgt , like looking thru swimming pool/ mirage etc , with scopes ) .

Upside , pleasant to shoot , less noise , and if used for hunting , you can shoot more animals before the disappear , good for pest control .

In NZ we have a lot of hunters using full power hunting rifles with cans , and they want ultra light weight , due to having to hunt mainly on foot due to difficult & steep terrain , so a lot of aluminium construction , fine for a few shots hunting , not good for high volume usage like on a range etc , we also have 3D printed TI cans , much more expensive , for 223,308 & 338LM , I think I was the 1st to shoot a 338LM thru a 3D TI can .

Cheers  Chris



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if your barrel is 6" or less in length, regular HI-v .22lr ammo is subsonic. But stingers and yellow jackets will still have sonic crack, even in 4" barrels, at least some of the time. Standard velocity ammo often is not reliable at cycling the bolt in a lot of autoloaders. The Aquila 60 gr or the Federal 45 gr subsonic are the ones to use.

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