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Kaye :)


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Bought a Gerber Dime the other day.  I'm pleased with it.  It's actually smaller than I thought it would be and that's fine by me. 

It's the perfect size for my pocket or purse.  I had fun showing it off to a few people the other day.  I was glad no one seem to act like I was weird for doing that. :)

A couple young fellows were impressed too. One of the young men told me he was working on an Altoid Tin survival kit.  After asking his mom's permission I passed along a knife

and flashlight that were both small enough to fit inside the tin. He also showed me the paracord bracelet he braided himself.  Impressive. 

I made another Altoid Tin kif up for my son this week.  I used the more narrow container that's about half the size of the regular Altoid Tin--not the little Smalls Tin, but the other size in between. 

Anyway,  he likes it. 

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I have the Dime too.......... But usually carry the Leatherman Style CS. I like it for its scissors, much larger than on other key ring multi tools. And in reality, the only tool I've ever used on one of these types of multi tools has been scissors.


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to me, the mutitool is for the BOB. at the BOL, and around the vehicle and the house, I have REAL tool kits, so I just carry a cheap folder. I lose a knife way too often to carry an expensive one. In the field, I keep it lanyarded to the sheath and the sheath lanyarded to my belt, and when I"m not using the modified Crunch, the sheath and tool are  in my pants pocket. The loss of that thing (or my fire staters  can be fatal out there, in cold weather, at least.

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