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Gathering Piñon Nuts in the High Desert

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Piñon nuts are so tasty and finding them and harvesting them are something we try and do every year as a family. Yesterday we hiked up into the hills behind my house on the look out for some trees and it did not disappoint. The time to find the trees is right now, you can see how good a harvest you are going to have as the little green cones are just starting to appear. Of course you have to stay in top of it or the piñon jays will take all the nuts, we get Mexican jays too so you got to get to them before the cones open. The little scrub bushes you see are what we call trees in the high desert. I Spotted a eastern collared lizard as we started on the trail yesterday too, he was not impressed. Around Labor day (in the US) we will start to harvest I'll post are luck when the time comes. Want to learn more follow this link.



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Awesome..just love em..used to collect em in Europe...

They are stupid expensive now but come out the same time as good basil here to pound into pesto..

Busted open fresh with a hammer there is nothing like em..



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