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Mobile data storage to save your important document

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I think right now people would have smartphone, and micro sd or usb storage.


I just suggest to photograph that your important document with high clearity and the file save in a few sotrage (you have it, your wife have it, your childs have it) like into smarthphone, into micro sd (it so small so you could hide it) or usb data storage.

Maybe with few photo of your family together or a few vid, address of other family with they photograph to, your insurance document, pasport document, house sertificat, bank document etc what your think important.

And of course you could protect the data like use password and encrypted the files

When the shtf you just grab the data storage and go

Oh forget to mention cloudstorage if regular disaster the cloudstorage still function and able to be connected, but if shtf happened this cloud storage able to be connect?

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