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One Pistol for the Whole Family? Choose This One!

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Something I didn't mention in the original post:

When I went shopping to choose an updated concealed carry pistol, I did much research and narrowed my search down to 5 or so models of pistols (semi-auto).  The main reason for updating was a search for higher capacity in a still smallish pistol.  Call it a "medium size".  For me, anyway.

So, at my trusted local gun store, I asked to see those pistols.  I handled and opererated all the controls.  Some had safeties, some did not.  The main problems I had in deciding we're two:  Grip comfort and ease of magazine release.  With my smaller hands and shorter fingers, I had a harder time reaching and pushing the magazine release button without shifting the position of the grip in my hand.  This is why it is important to find a local trusted gun shop versus the big box stores...

The gun shop owner said, "K.C., have you ever looked at one of these?"  He pulled out the CZ P0-1, cleared it, and laid it on the counter.  As soon as I picked it up I liked the grip feel! It was secure in my hand and comfortable.  I operated all of the controls easily.  I liked the decocker (from the Beretta 92 in the military days).  Then, the acid test.  The magazine release button.  Yaay!  I dropped a mag (into my hand) without shifting the grip in any way.  So, it got down to a choice.  Glock or CZ.  My Deputy Sheriff buddy says Glock and for good reasons.  But, the CZ won the choice (for me).  Size, weight, capacity, proven reliability, price, function.  It was a tie.  The grip and mag release made the CZ right for me.

Faced with a choice of one pistol for the whole family, I would recommend it, again, today.

Bottom line:  Find a gun store that wants your repeat business and not "just a sale."  Look at many makes and models.  Keep an open mind.  Consider their recommendations.  Narrow the field of choices.  Select what fits you and your needs, best.  "I like it, but" is not a good thing!


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