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Guns in Canada that Americans can't have...

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It may come as a surprise to our American Brethren, that despite the fact that Gun Laws are far less restrictive in the USA overall, some guns are easier to own in Canada, and in fact unobtanium in the USA for the average firearms aficionado..for a variety of reasons.

A case in point is shorty shotguns.  To my knowledge in the USA the minimum barrel length is 18 inches, with an overall length of 26 inches.

Sawing one off is a Federal offense, and to possess one shorter requires a $200 US tax stamp, registration with the ATF, and to my understanding, an extensive background check.

In Canada, after a short firearms training course, we receive a PAL, (Purchase and Acquisition License) which allows us to buy non restricted longarms with no registration. To get a PAL, however, the Police do run a criminal records check to make sure that a person does not have a history of armed violence, weapons-related offenses, or is a certified mentalcase. Seems it does not make sense to Canadians to put an explosive tool into the hands of an explosive tool. Go figure

We can walk into a gun store, display our PAL and buy a non-restricted shorty shotgun or other longarm with cash with no record or registration. Or several of them, or cases of ammo for that matter.

In Canada, there is no minimum barrel length for a shotgun if it came from the manufacturer short, and is not semiautomatic. There is a minimum overall length, however the type of stocks and the defining of 'fixed stock' can still be open to interpretation.

Maximum of 5 cartridges are allowed.  Following is a pic of an 8.5 inch barrel Dominion Arms 'Grizzly' pump action mag fed shotgun. 

 $399 Canadian dollars, $295 US

This firearm will net a person 3 to 10 years depending on which state that You live in.. Ok in Canada. Many Grizzlies here are modified 8.5 inch telescoping stock like the second photo..a little easier to argue past the cops, but a fixed stock is still the safest bet.

So how come in Uncle Sam is not so hot on sawed off sized shotguns? My guess is that whipping out a sawed off shotgun has ruined too many parties, and packs enough punch to blow the stars right off the flag. Nevertheless it still provides Canucks a legal defensive option.





8.5 Grizzly telescoping.jpg


Another interesting exception to the Canadian Gun Laws occurred by default after Springfield Armory sold the tooling for their M-14 Battle Rifle

According to Wiki : The M14 production Springfield tooling and assembly line was sold in 1967 to the Republic of China, who in 1968 began producing their Type 57 Rifle. The State Arsenal of the Republic of China produced over 1 million of these rifles from 1969 to the present. Other than the surface finish it is essentially a US rifle.

These are available in Canada as the Norinco M305. Available in .308, with an excellent semi-automatic action designed by Canadian John Garand..born near Montreal, died in Springfield, MA. Current Pricing for one of these items is $699.00 Canadian, or $517.00 US for the `Shorty`with an 18.7`` barrel with 2 AK type mags pinned to 5 rounds each and chambered in .308 NATO


norinco shorty.jpg

Again, this is a non-restricted firearm, just like the Grizzly, which means You can carry it out to the field for target practice and legally hunt with it, with no registration of the firearm required at purchase or thereafter. I have handled this rifle and it has been utterly dependable. A Tank.

The Norinco M305 is banned for import into the USA regardless of what Country it comes from since 1989. China routes most of the profits back into their military industrial complex, which is considered a threat to the USA. Ironically, most of the profits of the American military industrial complex also go back to itself. So that's different, and why You can't have one. Seems Canada has no such complex to worry about..

Another Firearm that falls into this Category is the Norinco Type 97 Bullpup chambered in .223. This item I am very familiar with as a buddy had (maybe still has 3 of them) He periodically sells them used to farmers and ranchers as it is very compact, a very good semi-auto shooter, and is very economically priced for what it is. One we had to fool with gas setting before working right, though it settled right in.

norinco type 97.jpg

The Norinco Type 97 is on for $899.00 Canadian ($665 US) with 2 mags pinned to 5 rounds each. Remember not to drill out the pins (rivets), because then it is a high capacity magazine and that is more than what the law will allow, no matter how far out in the sticks you are.

If the Chinese ever do invade, it will be great irony in that so many of these are in the hands of Canucks in the .556 NATO caliber. Again, Import restrictions preclude the ownership of this firearm in the USA. In Canada it is cleared for non restricted use.

If You are thinking 'yeah..cheap Chinese junk" Think again. Norinco makes the Type QBZ95 Bullpup Assault Rifle which is the standard rifle for the People's Liberation Army of China. Say what You will, it is the largest standing army in the world. The Type 97 is the Civilian version.

As a teaser, the Norinco T97 Gen 2 is now available. Early stocks sold out at $1399 Cdn or $1026 US. This Summer it should be in good supply. No word on this non-restricted firearm, as unlike the others, i have not handled one yet, but i am going to include a photo for the sake of making a little gun porn available

norinco gen2.jpg

It may be noted that the shorty shotgun can be used on Game birds, however the short barrel shot dispersion pattern relegates this use to very, very short distances. It can be legally used on Deer as a slug gun, again at very limited range, and the recoil is fierce, especially with a folding stock. It is worthy of mention that a fixed stock will bear up under scrutiny from law enforcement without 'interpretation'.

Truth be told, the 12.5" with the threaded barrel is the way to go because it accepts the Remington 870 barrels. Having say a 28" vented rib barrel from the 870 wingmaster makes for a dual use home defense as well as hunting/trapshooting option that is very effective for game birds and makes for a good slug gun.

 The M305 in .308 makes an excellent big game rifle, while the 'T97" is not allowed for use on deer up here as the .223 is considered too small a caliber up here to kill mercifully. Highly debatable in a Survival situation however. The white-tailed deer are big up here, some of the biggest in the world. I have seen Black-tailed deer in the Pacific NorthWest hardly bigger than a German Shepherd,

These firearms all have their place, and certainly for defensive purposes offer a broadband of firepower options.

Well American Brothers, If you ever consider to move up here and are concerned that the limitations on hunting firearms may be too restrictive, I hope that i have shown You that this is not the case. About 1 out of 3 residents here has a gun, so it is actually pretty friendly that way.


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Thanks, Dan!

Way cool!  I want one of each!  I found a used Norinco "Winchester 97" pump shotgun in a nearby gun/archery shop a few years ago.  The Winchester "Trench gun" was used from WWI up to the first Iraq war.  Most US models are worn out with cowboy action shooters snapping up any remaing examples.  They have a hammer that doubles as a safety.  Imagine that concept, LOL!  You can hold the trigger down and pump 6 rounds as fast as you can.  Don't forget your bayonette!

Norinco did a fine job with the copy.  Recommended!


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Sure, but we get things like this20170606_211219.thumb.jpg.4e7ca69cdf2df72409e46cfbf9f86e4f.jpg

Magpul D60


Copious amounts of 30 round mags


All 30's, most are loaded with 75gr gold dot


15's and 30's, with a Pmag 40 in the rifle


Too bad we can no longer get Chinese ammo here, thats the REAL crime.

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