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Freeze Dried Food: Tasty and Now on Sale!

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In another post, I reviewed Valley Foods dehydrated chili.  It was tasty.  For the second batch, I added some dehydrated tomatoes and a bit of leftover taco meat.  Yummy!

Since the election in the US, the prices for freeze dried or dehydrated foods has come down sharply.  All of the major vendors are offering special deals and steep discounts.  Based on my research and purchases, i recommend the following:

WalMart:  Many stores have stock on hand at great prices!  Their website is like aded with brands and offers free shipping!

Augason Farms https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=Augason Farms 1 Week Pantry Pack

Valley Foods Storage https://valleyfoodstorage.com/products/10-entree-sample-pack/

Patriot Supply http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/Three_Month_Food_Supply_p/zf_3month.htm

Look around these sites for deals and specials.  Or, order some samples and try some out.


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